Grocery Runs

Our grocery service has operated since 2004 and is currently very well managed by Judy Sheppard and her excellent volunteers!  The program is available to seniors, disadvantaged adults and others in need.

How the program works

The program operates every THURSDAY (unless a statutory holiday).  Clients are expected to get themselves to any of the food stores listed below and to shop for their needs.  In some cases, volunteers may assist with the purchasing of food if requested/organized in advance.  Once the food has been purchased, the client gets themselves out to the appropriate bus stop in time to be picked up and taken home.  Help to get the food into the house is provided.

The cost has not changed since we started 12 years ago and is still $1.75.

The current schedule is:

Wholesale Club                              leave at 11:45

Co-op                                                 leave at 11:50

Safeway                                            leave at 11:55

Save-On                                            leave at Noon

(all time approximate and may change so phone the office to confirm)

The Office phone is                        250 352 6008