Income Tax Service and Financial Advocacy


IMPORTANT: Appointments are necessary. Please call (250) 352-6008. 

Seniors Coordinating Society offers an income tax preparation service to anyone who qualifies (see below). We also offer our services in the Slocan Valley and Kaslo. We have volunteers trained and qualified under the Canadian Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) operated by the Canada Revenue Agency.  We also offer a financial advocacy service for seniors struggling with government programs, applications, forms and similar issues.  

To access the Income Tax or Financial Advocacy programs, you must first phone, visit or email our office and book an appointment.  Sorry, no drop-ins.  You will then bring all your tax forms to the appointment. We can also file prior year returns up to 5  years.

Who is Eligible for our Income Tax Service?

  • Individuals must have a modest income and a simple tax situation to be eligible for the CVITP. Community organizations may also establish additional criteria.

To determine modest income, use the following chart.

Family size Total Family income
One person $30,000
One person with one dependant $35,000 (add $2,500 for each additional dependant)
Couple $40,000 (add $2,500 for each dependant)

We do not complete returns for individuals who:

    • are self-employed or have employment expenses
    • have business income and expenses (unless income is in box 048 on a T4A slip and less than $1,000 with no related expenses)
    • have rental income and expenses
    • have interest income over $1,000
    • have capital gains or losses
    • file for bankruptcy
    • are completing a tax return for a deceased person

Our Financial Advocacy Program

We can

  • provide referrals to and information to seniors and disadvantaged adults (or just help you understand).
  • provide year-round assistance of income support,  geared-in income programs and low income premium relief.
  • Assistance with understanding, applying and dealing with Old Age Security (OAS), Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Rents Subsidy (SAFER), MSP Premium reduction and other low income programs

Please contact us to book an appointment. 250-352-6008


We are so grateful to accept a generous donation for our Income Tax Program from the Nelson and District Credit Union! Many thanks to the members! From left to right: Charles Ward, income tax volunteer NDSCS, Marian Ritchie, income tax volunteer and manager NDSCS, Pegasis McGauley, Co-chair NDSCS, Tom Atkins, Credit Union manager, Christina Jones, Credit Union, Emily Kjelshus, Credit Union.