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For more information, or to book a ride, contact   250-505-1999

We operate 7 days a week, morning, afternoon and evening. Our rides are usually an hour long, and often take place on the waterfront. Passengers have also enjoyed riding to the alleys of downtown Nelson to see our city’s growing collection of murals.

If you are planning a celebration for a person who has mobility issues, a trishaw ride would make it a special event. 

Using 3-wheeled bicycles (Trishaws) our volunteers help seniors keep riding and enjoying the outdoors. Cycling Without Age Nelson is part of a global movement with over 3,000 active chapters in 35 countries. 

There are many chapters throughout Canada.  For further information on this Canada-wide service their website is


Here is a recent video of Cycling Without Age in action at Mural Fest:


10 of our 2023 volunteers met recently to discuss our year and share suggestions to improve our activity for next season.  8 of our members have been with us since we started in 2018.  17 of our pilots gave at least 5 rides this year.  Thanks for volunteering with CWA Nelson.


In 2023 our trishaws rode over 2,100km with the help of 25 active volunteer pilots providing social connection and wind in the hair to over 550 passengers.  We participated in community events including Kaslo May Days, Canada Day at Lakeside Park, Nelson International Mural Festival, Kootenay Artisan Fair Fall Market, Granny Garden Tours, Baker Street Town Square Event, and Nelson Remembrance Day Parade.


Cycling Without Age is a non-profit program that sees volunteer drivers (pilots) take passengers who have reduced mobility or are otherwise isolated from their community on free trishaw rides. Opportunity is provided to experience life beyond their homes.

The trishaws (Hazel and Edna) are 3-wheeled, electric-assist bicycles that are tools for social change operating on the principles of GENEROSITY, SLOWNESS, STORYTELLING, RELATIONSHIPS and WITHOUT AGE.

Cycling Without Age is about creating a multitude of new relationships between generations, among elders, between pilots and passengers, care home employees and family members. These relationships build trust, happiness, community and quality of life.  

The program began in Copenhagen in 2012 and now operates around the world. Nelson became the 14th active chapter in Canada when our trishaw arrived in May of 2018.  Cycling Without Age, Nelson, BC, operated as an independent non-profit society for the first 2 years and has now amalgamated with Nelson and District Seniors Coordinating Society and operates as a program of the Society.

This volunteer activity is somewhat unique in that both volunteers and riders derive pleasure from the opportunity to spend time with someone they otherwise may never have encountered. The trishaw design and the activity of slowly moving through nature provide an ideal circumstance to build a relationship between volunteer and passenger. 

Autumn Colours
Trail Riding
Mobility Help
Kaslo May Days
Lakeside Park
Granny Garden Tours
Enjoying Lakeside Park Walk

For more information, or to book a ride, contact    250-505-1999