SENIORS ONE-STOP – Open Tuesday to Thursday 10-3 (Offers programs and resources to help seniors and disadvantaged adults – see our programs below)


“NAVIGATING THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM”, a 32-page booklet, has been published. Free copies are available at Nelson and District Seniors Coordinating Society, 719 Vernon St., Nelson (front, right side of old Civic Centre), open Tuesday to Thursday, 10am – 3pm, Donation of $2 requested to cover printing costs if you can afford it.



Mission: To provide direct goods and services to seniors and disadvantaged people in an affordable way to support their dignity and quality of life.

The Nelson and District Seniors Coordinating Society is run by volunteers who are primarily seniors themselves. We operate programs which directly benefit seniors and disadvantaged adults.  Our goal is to make a real difference in the quality of life for real people in our community.  Our committed volunteers serve concerned individuals dealing with issues specific to them.


  • Pegasis McGauley, Co-Chair (TEETH – Low-Income Dental program)
  • Eric Ramsden, Co-Chair (TEETH – Low-Income Dental program)
  • Sharon Browning, Treasurer
  • Marian Ritchie (Income Tax program/PAPP – Personal Advance  Planning Program/Financial Advocacy)
  • Bob Schmitz (Cycling Without Age program)
  • Wendy Baker-Konkin (Cycling Without Age program)
  • Alex Wallach (EAPP – Elder Abuse Prevention Program/Recording Secretary)
  • Connie Walton
  • Bernadette White


For more information on any of these programs, please click on the program’s menu at the top of the site or visit us at the Resource Centre.


Tuesday to Thursday, 10am – 3pm (front, right side of Civic Centre building), 719 Vernon St., Nelson BC  V1L4G3 352-6008


Each of our programs and our society itself are run entirely by volunteers.  We are in constant need for both adults who can spend a limited amount of time on specific tasks and volunteers prepared to lead, organize and manage programs.  Since we do deal directly with seniors and disadvantaged adults one-on-one on real issues to them, volunteers can expect to meet and interact with some of their very interesting neighbours.  Our volunteers put in a total of over 2000 hours per year.


Nelson and District Seniors Coordinating Society is registered as a charitable organization with the Canada Revenue Agency.  Donations allow us to carry out the range and extent of services we do.  For a better understanding of what we accomplish, see the “Did You Know?” tab.

To donate, please use the Donate Button to the right.  Donations of $20.00 or more will result in a tax deductible receipt or you can always send us a cheque by mail or drop in to the office and we will provide you with a receipt.


You may become a member of our Society either by (a) paying a $2 membership fee or (b) working a minimum of 1 hour annually as a volunteer with any of our programs.

Membership includes voting privileges at the annual general meetings and an opportunity to be elected to the Society’s board of directors.